Learn How To Create Viral Videos For Your Business That Generate ££££'s In New Sales Revenue Using Our Proven Short Form Content Strategy...

[With Zero Ad Spend]

Recent Results From Content Launchpad Clients

123M Views In 60 Days

6.8M Views In 7 Days

696K Views - One Video- 4 Days

Guaranteed Viral Views For Your Brand Without A Penny On Ads

Let's Talk About Generating Viral Views...

Never before have we been able to save clients £10,000's of £'s in ad spend to reach Millions of potential new customers each month until now...

We've always focused on paid ads but it all changed when I came across a business doing £30,000+ in sales p/m from making short viral videos on Tiktok & IG. I immediately PAID THEM for coaching.

The reality is if you aren't generating millions of views organically you're burning through thousands of potential profit by only running ads.

You build up a dependency on Paid traffic and end up in a position where you have no choice.

Whether the sales come in or not you have to keep pumping ad spend in to get sales. A recipe for disaster if you have a few low converting months.

ready to scale?
Ready To Scale?

We've Been Featured On:

We've Been Featured On:

4.2M Views For £45K In Lead Value

One of my students, Sam (name changed to protect his identity), quit his 9-5 with the dream of owning his own biz and working on his terms.

But quickly discovered, paying for ads as the only way to generate new customers was a trap.

Worse yet… 

He was stuck in the hamster wheel, unable to scale or get out of the TRAP of needing to run ads even when his sales were lower.

All his time was sucked into dealing with the anxiety of having to spend on ads to generate leads without any organic leads coming through.

That’s when we got connected.

I showed him how the Short Form Content Creation Strategy works.

He diligently applied the system using all our templates and tools…

And this shift allowed him to generate 75-100 inquiries in his first week of using the strategy generating 4.2M views!

Sam's offer is £450. That's £33K-£45K's worth of leads!

(pause for effect)

Let's Talk?
lets talk

"The Part Where I Make Myself Sound Important"

I'm Aaron...

...and being a marketer has allowed me to do some cool stuff over the years. I've become an international speaker, author, and multiple 7 figure business owner.

I founded my first company back in 2016 after graduating uni, and since then, because of the results i've delivered, some people recognise me as a ''thought leader'' in the marketing world...but i'm still not convinced...

I've been featured on some of the UK's most well-known networks like Dragons Den and BBC Asian Network as well as national newspapers for what i've achieved in business but my mom still doesn't quite ''get'' what I do...

It's all pretty cool but doesn't make me feel that excited looking back. At heart i'm still the young inexperienced entrepreneur figuring it all out (shhh don't tell anyone)

''From Working In An IT 9-5 To Scaling a Multi-Million £ Business Through Content''

Meet Ryan...

Ryan Williams is a leading innovator and entrepreneur in the digital media space, recognised for co-founding some of the largest social media publishing brands in the UK, which includes KOMI Group and It’s Gone Viral

Over the years, Ryan has played a crucial role in creating platforms that bring people together while redefining content creation and distribution, and his expertise in growth hacking have led to the development of some of the most popular football-centric Twitter accounts that have become staples in Europe’s online sports community.

In 2022, following a successful multi 7 figure exit from KOMI Group, Ryan shifted his focus towards nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs. His passion for content has now trasnferred into the Content Launcphad program helping entrepreneurs go viral on social media.

How Our One Month Content Training Works


Full One-To-One Training Day

We spend half the day teaching you our proven strategy and half the day teaching you editing techniques and creating content.


4x Weekly

Strategy Calls

Every week for a month we check in with you to review your posts and to give direction and analysis of what content to test next whilst also delivering ideas bespoke to you.


Tools, Resources & Templates

Through the program you receive a handbook, software list, example pieces of content and so much more to make your content creation effortless.


To save you a lil time i've compiled a few testimonials on another page for you

500K Views Month One = New Customers

Accelerate Your Followers

Learn In Our Content Studio

Oh yeah, We Practice What We Preach...

Your Path To Working With Us...

Here's how we can help you go from "views are ok" to "Chico, go fill up the porsche"

step 1

Content Call

First Contact 

A first initial call to learn about you and your business goals. I'll probably crack a few jokes too as I don't take myself too seriously...

Mapping Out Your Plan

I'll give you a clear route to achieving your growth goals on the call if I feel like I can help. If not i'll tell you pretty quickly why I don't think it's a good fit and at worst we've both made a new friend...

step 2

Booking Your Training Start Date

How Much For How Long? (no, not like that)

If we get to this stage chances are our lives are about to change forever.

Yours because you're about to be generating more brand awareness than ever before and mine because we'll be slogging away to teach you how...

step 3

Attending Training

This is where the magic happens creating Customer Avatars, Creative Briefs, Copywriting, Content Plans, Hooks, Research, Calendars, Softwares, Schedules all in our very own content studio.

We're going to show you how to create more content in less time to make your brand famous...

step 4

Content Launch & Support

After carefully crafting every detail of your content plan and teaching you how to create it - we're now ready to get it out to the world and start racking up more views, followers and new customers.

We begin the support journey checking in with you on weekly calls ensuring everything is going to plan.

It's a beautiful thing...if I do say so myself...

What you can expect when working with me?

Smart Organisations Who've Hired Us


(what did you just call me?)

Where Do I Sign Up?

I don't work with anyone I haven't had a call with. It's not just about affordability it's about how well we could work together. If that's how you like to get down use one of the buttons to book in a call above.

Do You Guarantee Results?

I can guarantee that if I can't help you get the result you'll struggle to find a marketer that can. My strategies for businesses attack all the relevant platforms that your customers consume content.

Who Should I Contact To Book You For Speaking Opportunities/Podcasts/Press/Influencer Posts?

Korin@socialagendas.com Can help you with all of that.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

We have a credit partner that will approve finance for customers to enter into payment plans.

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